When you have Tiffany working for you, you are getting more than just a real estate agent. Tiffany’s ability to bring her strong business acumen to the table as well as her ability to listen and be empathetic make her a (rare) and well-rounded real estate professional.


Tiffany helped us buy and sell our apartment. The buying part was easy. The selling part was much more stressful from our point of view, in that it was much more emotional, and yet she made it so easy. She walked us through the entire process. Her knowledge of the market allowed her to give us an honest recommendation as to what to price the apartment at. She also gave us an exact process as to how we should we be willing to accept offers. She staged the apartment, but not in a way that it became unrecognizable to us. It was still our place but with a few tweaks. She had planned to host open homes, but those turned out to be unnecessary. The marketing that Tiffany produced generated many visits and offers before the open homes were to take place!

—  Dana & Alex

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