Have you read ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg?

Reading this book I’m reminded of the remaining gender inequality in business. Sheryl, being the COO of #Facebook, shares her experiences navigating this truth in her own life and how she’s risen above it making waves for change for those after her.⁣

Something I’m not used to being from Canada is that my industry (Real Estate) is quite male dominated here in Australia. In Toronto, where I’ve been selling property for the last 12 years, female agents dominated and the best agents I know are women. ⁣

The facts are that inequality still exists in business and women are just as smart and have just as much potential (if not more) than men in a business sense. ⁣

I’ll even argue that women make better real estate agents than men. There, I said it. We have the emotional intelligence, the compassion, the sensitivity and the intuition that drives clients to make their most important decisions with respect to their greatest assets and it builds long lasting sustainable businesses around relationships. ⁣

I want to share a story. One of my very first deals I ever did was representing buyers who were interested in a home that was listed for $2M with a budget that was much lower. It was a foreclosure sale so the bank had taken it over and it wasn’t selling ... I knew it was an opportunity. The agent and the seller (his brother) were both very high up businessmen so immediately I was underestimated. I was a 26 year old female agent and I had no reputation. But that didn’t stop me from negotiating the sale down to $1.3M and my clients bought the house. ⁣

I felt empowered. When anyone underestimates me, I take it as fuel and as a “challenged accepted”. And I enjoy when I can come in and show my power and overtake their very low expectations. I enjoyed every minute of it. ⁣

Women are powerful and we should be realising that power, honouring it and using it.⁣

Not only do we build and manage successful businesses, we bare and raise children alongside our business. That’s incredible! And those who do it and have done it are my heroes.

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