Looking to sell your home in the coming months? Here are 7 things to prepare NOW.

1. Choose an Agent that’s right for you. Ensure you can trust them, that they will always have your best interests at heart, and they will work their hardest to get you results. Establish the best strategy in order to achieve your goals.

2. Have your Agent and Stylist in for a consultation so you know what should be done in order to present your home best and sell for top dollar. Know what needs to be done and start doing the work. Kids at home? Get them involved!

3. Start working on your landscaping. Plant flowers and trees. Curb appeal is important now, more than ever.

4. Have a Building and Pest Inspection done sooner rather than later so you can rectify any issues now in order to be most prepared for when you list.

5. Speak to your Financial Advisor to establish what your budget is so you know where you’ll go. Meet with your Agent and establish your buying plan now so you can start ‘window shopping’ online.

6. Keep an eye on what’s coming up and selling in your area. If you’re most educated on the current market, you’ll be most prepared to sell for market value.

7. Stay positive! The best approach will always be to sell and buy in the same market. The facts are the interest rates are at record low levels and banks are offering amazing incentives so it’s a great time to buy. Buyer demand is strong so there will always be buyers out there if you present your home well and have realistic expectations on price. Clearance rates for auctions remain strong proving that digital solutions like virtual auctions, walkthroughs and digital platforms rise above to provide you with continued service.

The truth is there are options for you if you're looking to sell in this market. The first step is choosing the RIGHT agent (not the cheapest) who will work with you and get you results.

Click the CONTACT tab if you have questions about my selling process and what strategies I recommend right now.


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